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A retro airstream and outdoor seating area with houseplants and decor.

RV industry potential

As families across the country have searched for new ways to travel while maintaining social distancing, the RV industry has continued to boom as a safe way to explore. Generational changes in camping demographics have also created a surge in outdoor hospitality despite shutdowns and restrictions for young families.

Who we are

Outdoor Hospitality Group is the dedicated build and design division of outdoor industry leader Advanced Outdoor Solutions, LLC.
As a full-service outdoor hospitality consulting and management firm, Advanced Outdoor Solutions is committed to meeting the very highest level of property management efficiency and guest satisfaction in the industry. We recognized the need to expand as a company and create a collaborative team dedicated solely to campground design. Outdoor Hospitality Group is now one of the most recognized build and design services in the nation, with recent expansion into Canadian territory. We take great care when engaging with you to ensure that you have a clear line of communication with our team members and that your vision is being realized to its fullest potential. We are pleased to bring over 20 years of experience committed to the outdoor hospitality industry to your next project
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What we offer

Outdoor Hospitality Group offers many different types of build/design-oriented services. By working in collaboration with our industry partners, we are also able to accommodate any custom needs you may have.
Custom Land Plans
Property Audit Reports complete with a three-year projected Pro-forma
Economic analysis and local market feasibility studies
Consulting, Planning support, and General counsel
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How we work

We begin each project by sitting down and carefully listening to your dream.
Many of our designs involve complex land planning often dealing with waterways, wetlands, and site-specific preparations to accommodate a wide variety of RV units. We take great pride in making certain that your vision becomes reality on time and on budget. We have designed some of the most innovative and creative RV resort land plans across the country. We incorporate advanced utility planning, ADA accessibility, and an ever-growing number of amenities to our design.
A map-style representation of an RV park and resort with a water park.
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What are the trends in Outdoor Hospitality?

Campgrounds and RV parks developing into multipurpose properties are leading the charge when it comes to accommodating evolving demographics. Those who are incorporating business centers, restaurants and entertainment lounges are experiencing the greatest increase in demand.
Campgrounds in the business of additionally offering marina services have also been experiencing incredible surges in revenue. Disruptions to supply chains have lessened manufacturers’ abilities to backfill orders and supply the market with new inventory. This trend has created a 7% rise in both used and new boat sales over a 5-year period. The rapid growth and correlated need for servicing have directly translated into great financial return for these multipurpose properties planning, ADA accessibility, and an ever-growing number of amenities into our designs.
An aerial perspective of an RV park with boat docks and slips directly off the coast.
In boat sales
both new & used, over a 5-year period
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At Outdoor Hospitality Group we understand the importance of ensuring that your projects will be financially successful in the markets you are pursuing. Potential capital expansion needs, local socioeconomic factors, and sheer proximity to major travel routes all have great impacts on how profitable a campground can become. We have designed financial pro-formas to exemplify how these factors and many more will impact your project. By researching local market factors and comparing it with historic data we have collected over the years, we are confident in providing you with accurate feasibility projections.
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Almost all campgrounds across the country have a unique feel to them. At Outdoor Hospitality Group we offer Property Audit Reports to better understand your campground, or the campground you are interested in purchasing. We identify the potential in a property by putting boots on the ground and our knowledge to the test. By identifying key property features, examining the existing infrastructure, and diving deep into the comparable local market, we create a well-rounded picture of your property. This product has provided potential buyers with great foresight, and existing owners with a third-party perception of what improvements could boost their revenue.
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Two construction employees surveying a construction site and its infrastructure.

Site Planning & Design

Our Development and Design Team has years of carefully cultivated experience in the outdoor hospitality industry.
The land planning and corresponding management services we offer are designed to meet your individual needs. Our team will guide you through the development process from initial conceptualization and budgeting to timely construction completion, while preserving your bottom line through it all. Once we have clearly determined your vision and goals, we coordinate specialized architects, contractors, designers, and vendors to ensure an excellent product at a maximum value. Our Construction Management services include:
Strategic Land Planning
Architectural Services
Pre-Opening Coordination
Market and Feasibility Studies
Due Diligence
Procurement (FF&E, Equipment, Operating Supplies)
Water and Waste Water Design and Management
Site Visits and Audit Reports

AOS can show you how to maximize your investment

Outdoor Hospitality Group is committed to getting to know you and the communities we serve. Over the years we have fine-tuned the art of community-integration with our builds.
By including the local population in a project’s commencement, we can not only generate excitement around the new build, but also ensure a smoother permitting and zoning process. From scrape earth builds to redesigning existing campgrounds, Outdoor Hospitality Group has always put people at the forefront of what we do.
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Advanced Outdoor Solutions is your trusted source for optimal land planning, and full-service professional management that is committed to meeting your every need. Our goal is your ultimate success; driven by innovation, growth, and strategy.