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Words Matter

August 14, 2019

Marketing Mishaps on This What Not To Do Wednesday

Today's "What Not To Do Wednesday," comes from a recent trip out of the Tampa Airport. It was way too early for any reasonable person to be flying, but in the midst of my morning fog, I caught a glimpse of this sign:

Who Ever Remembers Who Came In 4th????

I am sure this ad campaign cost a pretty penny, and yet the wording is all wrong. How much better would it have been to say, "One of the Top Beaches in the US as ranked by TripAdvisor," or maybe, "Consistently ranked a Top Ten Beach in the US."

Number 4, YAWN!!

St. Pete Beach is nice, and Tampa is a great town, but this ad campaign is not working for them. Remember, in your marketing-words matter. Not only do they matter front facing, but they also matter on the back end of your digital marketing. As your mother always told you, "Choose your words carefully!"