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Why Hire a 3rd Party Management Company?

August 3, 2022

Navigating Challenges in Outdoor Hospitality Management

Buy a campground, or two, or will be fun they said! Are you having fun yet?

Camping may be as American as Apple Pie, but managing camping resorts is no cake walk. It takes day in, day out, 24/7 focus, commitment, and strategic planning. It takes time and a whole lot of effort. Solid SOP's, quality controls, and well trained staff are needed in large quantities.

HR is just one of the many challenges facing owners in Outdoor Hospitality. While browsing the web today, we came upon this ad from a CA law firm..1-877-SUE-MY-BOSS. Lawyers almost begging your team members to file suit against you. What is an employer to do?

AOS takes the headache out of staffing. All staff at your properties are AOS employees, on our payroll, under our benefits, and guided by our experienced HR professionals. Hiring, firing, counseling, onboarding, and adherence to state and federal laws keep our team members informed, and our clients off the hook. In addition, our team of insurance experts offer perks to employees and risk management to owners.

Outdoor Hospitality is our passion and good Outdoor Hospitality means good people. HR in today's world can be a mine field, and a well trained 3rd party management firm may be just what you need to keep your team members happy, your park(s) compliant, and the lawyers off your back.