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What Not To Do Wednesday-Poor Signage

August 6, 2019

Signage Matters: Crafting Impressions That Count

Actual Sign From Actual Location

The old saying, "You only have one chance to make a first impression," is as true today as ever. Bad signage is one of worst offenders when it comes to a negative first impression.

Confusing signage-such as the example above-leave guests scratching their heads and wondering what type of management is running the place. Are you open? Are you closed? Do you care? What are your hours?

Just as bad is signage printed off a desktop computer or worse, hand written. In this day and age of online shopping, professionally printed signage is cheaper than ever and should always be ordered when signage is needed. Our go to provider for RV Park signage is or These vendors provides signage at an affordable price with fast and/or free shipping.

Finally, ask your vendors for signage. If you have a store, or sell propane, your vendors will often have all the signage you need and are ready to give it to you free of charge for selling their product. Store signage (and racks) should almost always be available from a commercial vendor.

Make a good first impression by spending a few dollars on signage that informs and impresses.