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July 10, 2019
A firefighter using a high-pressure nozzle to douse flames on a burning building.

RV Park Rescue: Putting Out Fires for a Brighter Future

One of the services we provide is "RV Park Rescue." It is one of the most difficult, but also one of the most rewarding, services we offer.

However, many owners do not realize their park is burning to the ground. It may not be a literal fire, but it is just as damaging. Most often, the causes are many and varied.

The number one spark we find lies with some or all of the staff. Workers at these burning parks have little to no passion for the job, and this rubbed off on the guests a long time ago. They have allowed the guests to join in the downward spiral and any newcomers quickly fall into the same lethargic trap. There is little to no training on customer service, park rules are ignored, and accountability to anyone is non-existent.

Financial mis-management is also a hallmark of these parks. It may or may not be outright theft, but it is often an inability to capture the rate they should be capturing because they have allowed the product to suffer. The park is cluttered, the guests are not the highest caliber, and the amenities have been left without needed routine maintenance. This results in the park suffering financially and failing to bring in the funds necessary to turn it around.

Finally, ownership must take responsibility-and this is often the most difficult part. It takes admitting that a blind eye has been turned and they have been involved in their own downfall. As Dr. Phil often states, "You cannot change what you do not acknowledge." Once an owner realizes the park is on fire, they can start putting out the blaze one at a time. This is where the AOS team comes in, and starts the hard work of righting the ship and putting it on the path to a bright future.