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What Comes In Our Package??

October 31, 2019
A parcel wrapped in craft paper and paper label.

Legal Expertise at Your Service: AOS's Unique Advantage

When you sign up with AOS, you get the best of the best when it comes to Outdoor Hospitality experience. Of course, you already knew this!

What you may not know is that our Third Party Management clients have access to in house legal department. Our own J. Michael Hannon is available for our clients and all those sticky issues that come with running a resort.

Just this week, he has navigated clients through evictions, emotional service animal issues, HR related questions, staff background check concerns, and rent control provisions for long term guests. He also tackled FEMA and other regulatory quagmires.

When our regional managers need to get advice for their resorts, these managers can reach Mike and get sound legal counsel. He helps our team and our resorts avoid many of the legal pitfalls that come with having guests and employees. In today's litigious society, this advice can save a park from needless defense costs.

Michael and his legal expertise is just one of the many services that keep AOS ahead of the competition.