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Value Add Adventures

November 6, 2021
A replica image of a Victorian-era painting, featuring a woman in a pink dress and hat.

Embracing TikTok: Revolutionizing Outdoor Adventure Marketing

If you know the story of "My Fair Lady," it is the story of taking the rough and tumble Eliza Doolittle and turning her into the epitome of class and sophistication. At AOS, we are replete with stories of transformation at the resort level

One of our specialties at AOS is Value Add. We have been doing it in the Outdoor Space for 20 Years.

As we say, "We like to take the ugliest girl at the dance and dress her up to be the "Belle of the Ball."

We have many "Rags to Riches" stories, where location and demand were present, but poor management led to a parks demise.

One of our first was a run down MH park on a waterfront lot. Sewer was above ground, pipes were burst, cabins had years of deferred maintenance, and the staff did not care.

Add to this pool being shut down due to code violations, bath houses running water onto the ground, and leeching septic tanks. This park had stopped caring about guests or the environment years before it came across our radar.

With the right owners and AOS management, this park sold for top dollar within 4 years.

The turnaround was tough. The first items to be addressed were life, safety, and environmental concerns.

Hard decisions had to be made. Staff that led to and assisted in the disaster were let go. Guests were given new guidelines. Elbow grease was applied.

Power washers and paint were purchased. More 50 yard construction dumpers than I can count were hauled in and out. Tractors demoed old buildings and RV's that could not be moved. Clearing took place and a new guest culture was expected. Bath houses were remodeled or demoed. Repairs and maintenance took place.

Finally, revenue generators such as new Wifi, cabins, upgraded sites, and new or repaired pools, activities, and food and beverage were be added.

What was a disaster has been nominated for "Park of the Year," many times over.

This is just one of many parks in our portfolio that came to us as a "Sows Ear," and quickly became a "Silk Purse."

From the Florida Panhandle, to NY State, to California, the hard working AOS team has assisted our clients in these exciting adventures. When our Eliza Doolittle becomes, "My Fair Lady," we celebrate with staff and owners who together made it happen!