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Training At The Beach-Yes Please!

September 13, 2021
Several people at a meeting room table while someone gestures at an arrangement of sticky notes on the wall at the far end of the room.

AOS Regional Managers Annual Conference

Once again, the AOS regional managers have gathered for their annual conference.

This time, the conference is being held in beautiful Bethany Beach Delaware.

This conference is an important tool in keeping our regional managers up to date on all things Outdoor Hospitality.

The goal, as always, is to equip our RM's with the tools to equip your parks. 

Training topics will include:

  • Budgeting for Success
  • How to remove guests safely and legally from a park
  • Managing and exceeding expectations
  • Activities for your parks
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Guests' guidelines versus Tenant Law
  • Road trip to nearby resort parks-designed by AOS and flipped to Sun

All RM's in the AOS portfolio will also spend time in Roundtable discussions-learning from each other about what makes their parks tick.

Lastly, off hours will be spent with some beach time and meals together. 

Our RM's work hard to make sure your parks meet and exceed the goals set forth. Each Monday the week is kicked off with RM meetings and Wednesdays are RM trainings. However, this annual in person conference gives them the opportunity to dive deep with leaders in the industry.

Here's to a great week!!