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To OTA or Not OTA-This Is The Question

July 3, 2021

Understanding the Value of OTA's for Your Park

Every week there seems to be a debate over the value of list inventory on OTA (Online Travel Agencies) channels. The blogs are replete with owners and managers arguing the topic. Park owners look with suspicion on the Expedia,, and Air BB's of the world.

Let me try to settle the debate once and for all~ OTA's work-period!! They book sites and they introduce an audience to you that may not otherwise know you exist.

The following graph is a true representation of a true AOS park. As noted, OTA and Online Bookings beat traditional call in or walk in bookings by almost two to one.

Bookings by Type
Orange Call or Walk In Bookings
Yellow Online Bookings
Lime Green OTA Bookings

If brands such as Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt believe in the OTA model, why does the Outdoor Hospitality industry fight it tooth and nail?? To do so is at your own peril and you miss the vast amount of revenue produced via OTA channels. You also allow your competitors an advantage as most of their inventory is most likely listed.

Stop treating OTA's a foe and start embracing them...your enemy will soon be your friend.