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The Processing of Poo

February 11, 2021

RV Wastewater Processing for Your Resort

A few years ago, a children's book hit the shelves entitled, "Everyone Poops." Though I have not purchased this particular book for my littles, I am sure it is a fascinating read.

In the RV industry, the processing of waste is a HUGE deal. I write about it often and as we say here at AOS, "Sewer Drives Everything."

To that end, we are thrilled to have a leading expert in not just waste, but RV waste, as part of our AOS team of experts.

When you partner with us to "Process Your Poo," our Scope of Work includes:

  • 1.  Provide technical assistance required to select a suitable system for resort. 
  • 2. Assist in obtaining necessary permits environmental permits.
  • 3. Provide objective information regarding type of plant required. 
  • 4. Recommend the most cost efficient and reliable system for the needs of the resort.
  • 5. Review the design plans once engineer has submitted them to the Owner. 

Wastewater plants intimidate the most seasoned developers. RV Wastewater Plants are an entirely different animal. Make sure you do not wade through these waters (no pun intended) without the counsel and direction of an expert in systems FOR RV PARKS!!

A little investment now can save big for you later, both in construction and operational costs.