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The Other Side of the Pond

January 11, 2021

Insights into Glamping and Eco Tourism: A Podcast Discussion

I was thrilled to be the first guest of the year on the highly touted UK Podcast from Sarah Riley and her company "Inspired Courses."

Sarah and I cover the gamut when it comes to building a camping or glamping resort. We discuss land costs, utilities, demand drivers, and all things development.

You can listen to the podcast here.

If you are interested in getting started in Glamping or Eco Tourism, Sarah's courses are a must. She is the step that needs to be taken before we get into land planning and the hard numbers of building your Glamping resort.

If you are interested in getting into Glamping, make sure you sign up for Sarah's courses Inspired Glamping Podcast. She will give you all the tools you need to move into the world of Glamping in both the UK and the US.