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The Myth That Everyone Is Replaceable

July 17, 2021
A portrait of Advanced Outdoor Solutions' Jerry Chalmers.

Jerry Chalmers: Tribute to an Irreplaceable Team Member

I have always hated the saying, "Everyone is replaceable." First of all, because it devalues people. Secondly, because it is simply not true.

It is with very heavy hearts we say, "Goodbye," to one of our dear team members and night auditors, Jerry Chalmers.

Jerry was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in early 2021 and he passed this week. Jerry has not been and will not be replaced.

Jerry was the sort of person everyone wants on their team. He was a "No Drama," kind of guy. He just came to work, put his head down, and worked. He was a great team member, learned quickly, and was a behind the scenes kind of employee who sniffed out irregularities on daily postings and chased them down with a vengeance. Our clients will never know the savings he realized by finding things before they happened.

He also printed more than anyone I know, used more paper than all of us combined, and we had many laughs with him over this subject. He loved his family, his car, and the Baltimore Orioles.

He also loved working at AOS and never failed to tell us this. He, Lori, and Jody were a fierce threesome, and I know they have missed him since he left for treatment. He knew we were a special place and he promised to be back once he beat cancer. Sadly, this dream will not become a reality.

We are praying for his dear wife and sons. He is gone way to early from us and those near and dear to him.

Rest in Peace dear friend, you have not been and never will be replaced. G-d Speed.