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The Love/Hate Relationship with OTA’s (Online Travel Agencies)

May 22, 2019

The Love-Hate Relationship with OTA’s in the Hospitality World

The entire hospitality world has a Love/Hate Relationship with OTA’s.

At AOS, we love them more than hate them.

Like it or not-they are here to stay. Sites like, Expedia, and Air B&B, take your roofed accommodations to an audience you might never find without them.

With the impending release of the game changing-Book Outdoors, even your RV sites will be available to the public via a real time two way interface.  These sites are as integrated into our travel as much as mobile boarding passes and GPS systems, and it is high time we stop fighting them and embrace the power of their marketing dollars.

The way we see it,  if an OTA brings you a guest, and they take a 15% commission for that guest, you are still 85% to the good. That guest might have never located you had it not been for the OTA. Additionally, if the guest enjoys their stay, they will most likely book direct with your for all future stays. Therefore, each time the guest rebooks a future stay, your overall cost to the OTA diminishes and their ROI increases.

All AOS properties are on OTA’s. We make it easy for our parks by employing PMS systems with connectivity to these channels. Our research shows most of the OTA bookings come in after the work day is over and people are kicked back making vacation plans. Your office is closed, the OTA is booking sites, and the money is coming in…what’s not to LOVE??