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Temper Tantrums and Other Things Caused by AOS

August 10, 2019
A toddler laying in the grass while crying.

Reviving Substandard Parks: Facing Employee Challenges

One thing you can count on when you hire AOS to resurrect your substandard park-employee temper tantrums.

When AOS takes over a sick park, the first thing we do is diagnose what made it sick to begin with, or in medical terms, we perform triage.

Is it the management? The employees? The owners? The amenities-or lack thereof?

Is it poor cash procedures or lack of revenue management?

I can tell you-it is rarely-if ever-the market. Most often, it is a combination of poor leadership, lackluster employees, and owners who have long since given up. This is where we come in. We arrive on site, roll up our sleeves, and let everyone know there is a new sheriff in town. We get into the trenches and audit the books, assess the maintenance, and start training on how the park will run from this point forward.

Usually within a week of our arrival, all current employees have thrown temper tantrums, quit, threatened to quit, or yelled and screamed the life is not fair. The ones who wanted change will be relieved, but these folks usually left long ago and what you are left with is what got you there to begin with.

If the owners will hang in there, they will come out on the other end with a park they can be proud of, employees who are all in, and books that are audited and reconciled daily. They will find revenue that was missing, and guests that appreciate a well-run, professional environment.