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May 26, 2019
A person setting up a camera on a tripod outside while crouched.

Behind the Scenes: Exploring Award-Winning Properties

This week, the AOS video team is back up north and visiting some of our most award winning properties. Awards? What Awards? How about constantly up for Park of the Year, the first 10/10/10 Good Sam ever in the state of Maryland, and oh get it.

We plan to take you behind the scenes to show you just a few of the ways we turned raw land into guest loving, money making venues. Some of the topics we will address are:

Weird corners and odd sites-how to make them profitable

Amenities that produce

Wow factors on a budget

These are just a few of the vlogs we will be posting in the new few weeks.

Also, we will be starting a new series entitled, "Meet Your New Snowbird," where we will be interviewing some unusual guests who head south for the winter.

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