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Small But Mighty

June 24, 2019
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Revolutionizing Revenue: AOS's Impact on Park Growth

Every Monday we prepare for our Tuesday team meeting and our weekly client calls. We start looking at the reports from our Revenue Management department and plotting the trends we see across the US.

One of our parks this week is a lesson in the art of revenue management.

This small park (111 sites) has seen amazing growth under the AOS banner. The signed on in February of 2019. This June, they are going to hit the highest occupancy AND revenue they have ever experienced in a one month period.

It has been done by targeting their marketing, and hitting the right price points for their market. They were overpriced and not hitting the guests who would tend to stay with them. This led to a double disaster. By honing in on the right client, and setting their rate to what the market would bear, we have more than doubled their revenue and increased occupancy by 43%.

The cost to them for our services? A mere fraction of this...making all the rest icing on the cake! Take a look and see what the AOS touch brings.

DateSites AvailableSites SoldAverage Daily RateTotal Revenue