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Rolling Out the “You’re Not Welcome” Carpet

May 22, 2019

Attracting a New Generation: Don’t Miss Out on Young Travelers

As I meet park owners all across the US I continually see a familiar pattern with many of them.  And though they would never intentionally do so, they are turning away guests and quickly killing future business.

Snowbird parks can be particularly guilty of this bad business practice. Many owners, having relied on the tried and true retired snowbird of yesteryear, are effectively placing a large stop sign in front of the most engaged buyer in the market-young travelers. Watch this short clip to meet John, your new Snowbird.

Your New Snowbird

John is a restaurant manager in a busy resort town in Maryland. He makes good money and cannot travel during their peak season up north. When the resort closes for the winter, John heads south, with his RV and a pocket full of cash. He is ready to relax, kick back, and spend money. Guess where John does not stay?

You guessed right-55 plus parks that tell him and his peer group they are not welcome.

A quick peak at any current industry data shows the market is trending younger. Homeschool families, minimalist lifestyle advocates, and traveling young professionals are just a few of the markets you miss when you fail to roll out the welcome mat..

It is time to rethink your strategy and allow AOS to reach this trending market on your behalf. Instagram, youtube video, influencer contacts and blogging are just some of the strategies we employ to get your park occupied-if you plan to stay viable in the future.