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Reputation Is Earned

June 19, 2021
A typewriter holding a piece of paper with the word "Update" on it.

Enhancing Reputation Management: AOS's Training Focus

AOS team members across the country had a high level training this week on Reputation Management.

Rao, a part of our revenue management team led the training. As is the case with all AOS revenue managers, Rao knows his way around revenue, OTA's and reputation management.

This week, He specifically focused on NPS "Net Promotor Scores" and how to improve them.

His training this week included the following:

  • Our current status vs NPS
  • How to increase surveys and return ratio
  • How can we increase NPS ? 
  • Future of Reputation Management and its impact on RevPOS. 

Most interesting is how NPS affects revenue. The following data, provided by Cornell University School of Hospitality Management confirms the importance of NPS.

If you are an AOS client, you know we train weekly on guest services, revenue management, budgeting, PMS systems reporting, and HR issues. No other team in the industry trains as much as we do. You can be sure your GM's and Regionals are attending trainings and calls weekly to get them trained and moving in the right direction.