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Red Flags In Your Parks-Domestic Issues

September 16, 2021
A plastic, lego-style red flag in a silver base.

Addressing Challenges of the Full-Time Lifestyle in Parks

With more and more families taking to the full time lifestyle, a brand new set of issues are arising at parks across the nation.

While full timing is an attractive lifestyle, it can also be a pressure cooker. Small spaces mean small issues can erupt into full blown domestic disputes.

Just this week, a female is missing after she and her boyfriend started their full timing "Van Life," adventure. To date, she has not been found. However, the body cam footage from a police encounter revealed the small disagreements that can explode when couples and their differences are confined to a space the size of a van.

What does this mean for your parks? It means having to alert and train staff at fully transient parks how to deal with domestic disputes. Formerly, this training was mostly required at long term or seasonal parks. Those days are gone.

AOS is always at the front of tackling these issues. With a full time attorney on staff, we have the muscle to train our staff, and at times the local police, on the rules and regulations of a transient park.

Domestic issues and disputes are dangerous. We train our staff how to get the police involved and engaged from the start. We train the police on state laws and the difference between an RV Park "Guest," and a "Tenant." You would think it would be clear to law enforcement, trust. me, it is not.

With the full timing trend growing, your staff must be prepared to deal with difficult guests and know how to work with local authorities to tackle problems before they become emergencies.

With these issues, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a thousand pounds of cure!