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Proud As A... Well You Know

June 3, 2020

Celebrating Growth: Madison RV & Golf Resort's Success Story

You know how you take a baby and you help it grow past those initial first shaky steps-only to see them become a full fledged functioning adult? Well, that is a little bit how we feel today.

We are so very proud of Brian Faircloth and the team at Madison RV and Golf Resort in Madison Florida.

The story of how we met is a little funny. Brian attended one of my seminars at FARVC. He raised his hand and asked a question, and still to this day he will say I slapped his hand and shot him down in the middle of a packed house. Of course, he says it with a smile.

When we met him he had a great vision, but needed direction. We tweaked his land plan, got him started with software and marketing, and off he went. He is now booking, booking, booking, and if you do not book with him now, you will be out of luck. He is that hot and his course is that great.

This wonderful article in Woodalls this month highlights Brian, his team, and the stunning golf resort they have built in the northern part of Florida. We love it when it all comes together, and we at AOS are honored to be part of his story.