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Pain Points-Staffing

November 13, 2021
A person holding their left shoulder with their right arm, looking as if they are in pain.

Navigating Staffing Shortages with Team Empowerment

The AOS team just returned from ARVC. We had a wonderful show and met many new friends, vendors, and clients.

It was clear from our conversations that EVERYONE faced staffing shortages this year. As one owner/operator told us, "I learned how much Red Bull you can drink before it becomes dangerous."

Another told us some of their most popular ancillary revenue streams had to close mid week due to lack of staff. Of course, revenue suffered due these amenities being shuttered.

Though AOS faced staffing shortages, our pain was much less severe. Not once did our popular revenue streams go down due to lack of staffing.

The reason? Volume! AOS employs over 400 team members across the US. When one AOS park needs staff, we shift from another AOS park to meet the need. When we do this, we send a team member trained in our systems and procedures to support another AOS park in need.

Another benefit of working with AOS is the support and training we can offer team members. This year, AOS rolled out substantial trainings to teach staff how to engage guests, keep risk mitigated, and manage rate and occupancy at the park level.

Finally, we are elated to bring new and exciting features in 2022. Expanded benefit options for team members, AOS Pathways trainings for GM and Ambassadors, and our Roots360 for philanthropy and community involvement.

Training, support, flexibility, and empowerment are all a part of what it means to be "Team AOS."