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Exploring Modern Trends in Outdoor Hospitality

September 7, 2022
Modern Trends in Outdoor Hospitality

Trends in Outdoor Hospitality

While camping and outdoor living used to be convenient and affordable activities, it has now evolved into a mainstream, tourist-friendly trend. Glamping, camping, and recreational vehicles have experienced a steep increase in popularity, especially during the pandemic when everyone grew restless indoors. This trend has continually increased with more advertisements showing a carefree and happy lifestyle that is associated with camping and outdoor living.

These trends will likely only continue to rise as more people look to escape from the hustle and bustle of their lives by reconnecting with nature. Inflation, rising gas prices, and an increased desire for separating work and play will all continue to contribute to the nomadic lifestyle favored by the outdoor hospitality industry.

Key Demographic for Camping & Outdoor Living

Camping and outdoor living used to be most popular among white Caucasians of European descent ages 30-40 who would take their families camping. Now, we are seeing a rise in the numbers of younger people aged 18-24. People who travel, camp, and live outdoors regularly tend to be more diverse than ever before, with 49% of them living in a van or RV full-time while working remote, seasonal, or odd jobs to fund their lifestyle. While the demographics used to show primarily white Caucasians, we are now seeing 49% white Caucasians and 51% Hispanic, Asian American, or African American customers. Families who camp with children are approximately 52% of those who visit campsites, while the remaining are single people, couples, and people camping in groups with friends.

Rise of Popularity of Glamping & RV Life

Glamping and outdoor living were already popular before the pandemic, but they have been an increasingly popular way of living as influencers shared their adventures with the world. There has been a steep rise in the popularity of “van life” or RVing that we do not see decreasing any time soon. Millennials account for 56% of people new to glamping and the “van life” trend, with the expectation that it will continue to remain popular in the years to come.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction to Keep Trending Forward

To ensure that guests continue the trend of camping, glamping, and outdoor living, it is important to cater to their needs and look for ways to increase customer satisfaction. While many people have stopped observing COVID protocols, some are fastidious about practicing social distancing and cleanliness. Maintaining a contactless customer experience in reserving campgrounds and signing up for services, as well as offering increased levels of cleanliness and sanitation, will keep guests returning to the site.

Allowing guests to reserve sites online, complete check-in and check-out via an app, and request services or amenities electronically will encourage visitors to choose one site over another, as well as stay longer.

Many customers are also expressing a desire for electronic connection with friends and family via tech streamlining and integration, such as Wi-Fi access or computer hubs set up in a common area on the site.

Increased Demand for Luxury

As more people share stories about camping, glamping, “van life,” and traveling in an RV online via social media, there will be an increased demand for luxury among those new to the unique lifestyle. This means that younger customers will not be as accustomed to the idea of “roughing it,” and may expect campgrounds to have more luxuries available. This presents a unique opportunity in outdoor hospitality to offer tiered services at an increased cost for visitors who want a more modern and convenient experience. Clean restrooms, Wi-Fi, showers, a common area or clubhouse, fire pits, and opportunities for socialization with other campers may all become lucrative amenities for those who are new to camping.

Overall Outlook Going Forward

We believe that this trend will continue to increase in the future due to a combination of factors: young people who are less interested in working traditional 9-5 jobs, young couples and families who are interested in traveling and adventure, the rise of using the Internet and viewing influencers that keep the excitement of “life on the road” alive, and increases in the cost of living thus making owning a home while working low-wage jobs less feasible. We can encourage these trends by catering to these people and families who are looking to streamline their experience by utilizing contactless systems to reserve sites, complete check-in and check-out online, access amenities, and find sites near them.

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