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Mobile Is The New Normal

August 6, 2021
A person lounging in a vehicle with their feet out of the window while holding a printed map.

The Rise of Transient Living: Impact on Outdoor Hospitality

If you have parks with any demand drivers at all, you know this year is off the charts. Like...mind blowing off the charts. Particularly at parks that have transient availability. Transient guests are driving occupancy and revenue numbers into the stratosphere, and the graph below may give us some insight.

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Americans are trending away from traditional housing into a more nomadic lifestyle. In fact, according to this 2021 data, spending on mobile living (RV's and Houseboats included) has more than doubled.

It may take years to understand the seismic shift created by COVID. But in this industry, I can tell you it has been felt since day one. It was a mixed bag at first. Canadians left the south and southwest early last winter and have still not been permitted back. However, northern US guests stayed longer in the south, somewhat evening out the harm. Transient guests have swooped in this summer causing even aggressive budget numbers to be blown past. Some parks have reached their annual revenue by Mid-July.

There is no end in sight for the "New Normal," as young and old alike take to the roads and work from their RV's. This industry is playing catchup to make sure their amenities are fit for these new tech savvy and demanding clientele. Stay is a fun ride.