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Missed Opportunities Means Lost Revenue

May 8, 2019
Illustration of "The Case Study Recipe", with steps reading: "Problem, Solution, Results".

AOS Call Center & Staffing: Revenue-Boosting Solutions

A few weeks ago when traveling, we called a major resort chain and their auto attendant told us to hold on, we were the 298th caller in line. NO LIE!

When asked if we wanted to continue to hold, guess what we replied?

Missed calls or closed doors often means lost revenue. If a guest wishes to speak with someone before booking, or no one is available, they will try the next park in line, and your park will suffer.

This is why one of our newest services offered at AOS is our call center and staffing option. Our call center does not just take messages, rather they are trained on your park and your software and they take bookings for you. On average, the cost is recovered five fold. Our staff is on 24/7 and makes sure to book your sites and process your deposits.

We also proudly offer temporary staff for those times when you are short on help, or just need a fill in while someone is on vacation. Our team members are RV’ers who are trained and fully capable of filling in while needed. No long term payroll dollars required!

We listen to our clients and strive to meet their needs. Our call center and staffing services are closing two major gaps in their business practices and they are raking in the revenue.