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Mastering The Art Of The Makeover

October 28, 2022
A construction site, featuring an in-progress remodel of a home interior with two construction workers performing tasks.

Revitalizing Outdoor Properties: From Neglect to Success

From our very first park, we have been in the business of adding value to distressed assets in the Outdoor Hospitality Space.

Neglected parks are not for the weak of heart. Often times these assets come with outdated infrastructure, design flaws, clutter, headaches, and bad debts from former guests. They often include evictions, court orders, and county negotiations..

For over 20 years, we have been handling the hassles and turning trash to treasure.

A recent "Rags to Riches," story involves a multi-park portfolio in the SW.

These parks had been run down MH parks when the client purchased the assets. With hard work on everyone's part, these three parks are now proud lodging communities bringing value to their neighborhoods and money to the ownership group.

The following before and after photos show the hard work and dedication these owners, along with AOS, put into their investment. These are now at peak occupancies with revenues continuing to climb.

Above is the "Before," photo of the park as purchased and prior to AOS Management.

Below are the "Afters."

Patio and Fire Pit Area
New office and common building

We love getting our hands dirty and jumping into these projects. They bring a great deal of satisfaction to the whole team. Trash to Treasure is what we are about at AOS.