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Listen to the Market

June 20, 2019
An individual wearing headphones while standing in front of a new stand with signage reading "The Potato Stand".

Market Demand: The Guiding Force in Park Development

I had an interesting conversation with a client this week. He has been a client for a long time, and his park has tripled its revenue since coming on board with AOS.

We were wrapping up a call when he said, "I always thought our park would be headed in another direction. Not sure of what he meant, I dug further.

He said he always thought his park would be families-kids running around and enjoying all the amenities. However, we found his market trended toward single adults who wanted a serene environment, off the beaten path, with adult oriented recreation and amenities.

Once we honed in on his target market, we found we could increase his price and occupancy substantially by fitting the round peg in the round hole-and not trying to force the park to trend in another direction. It completely turned away from what he thought it would be-but it headed exactly where the market demanded it go.

If you have heard me speak, you have heard me repeat this time and time again. The market is going to tell you everything you need to know. Sometimes you are confirmed and sometimes you are confronted-but the market is never wrong.