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Lemons Into Lemonade

March 14, 2020
A glass of water with lemon on a countertop among a sliced lemon and a couple of lemons in the background.

Outdoor Hospitality's Resilience Amid Global Change

As of today, the whole world seems to be on lockdown. Schools closed, workers sent home to work virtually, and events cancelled across the globe.

While traditional hospitality is hardest hit, Outdoor Hospitality faces a golden-or shall we say-lemon yellow opportunity.

This article out of Japan tells us exactly what is happening to Outdoor Hospitality in that country post WuFlu.

In this environment, the industry there is thriving. People want to get out, and they want to be in wide open and "Socially Disconnected" spaces. RV parks , glamping resorts and campgrounds are the perfect solution to meet their needs.

Unique situations call for creative solutions. Making sure our common area and cabins are cleaned with bleach, having hand sanitizers at our desks, and postponing close contact events until a later time help ensure we are open and welcoming, but remain vigilant.

At AOS, our team has jumped on this early and have started to reach out to all those cancelling foreign vacations and welcoming them to our unique spaces. With the great outdoors calling and spring weather at hand, the great outdoors is the greatest way to experience -"Life not Cancelled."