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"It Ain't Braggin If It's True"

March 25, 2021

Record-Breaking Performance at AOS Parks This Winter

The above quote has been attributed to Will Rogers, Dizzy Dean, Yogi Berra and Bear Bryant. Thus, we were not sure to whom we should assign the credit.

We do know, however, where to assign credit for some of the amazing numbers our Snowbird, Sunbird, and Winter Texan parks have seen this winter. Our great staff at the corporate office, the staff at our parks, and the great owners who let us do our thing.

With spring upon us and their should seasons approaching, we would like to share some highlights (names are not shared to protect the data)

Park A -Florida January and February NOI 63% over budget

Park B- Arizona Revenue up 300% Since AOS Takeover in January

Park C- Rated 10/10/10 by Good Sam February 2020

Park D-(PA) Bookings up over 50% from same time last year

All in all, a pretty good end of 2020 and start to 2021 if we say so ourselves.