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How Airbnb Tiny Homes Have Transformed The Outdoor Recreation Industry

September 23, 2022
Airbnb Tiny Homes

During the pandemic, there was a shift away from staying at large hotel brands, where people felt that they may be forced into small spaces with groups of strangers. We saw a rise in stays at Airbnbs, campgrounds, RVs, camping trailers, and tiny homes. We believe this trend will continue as people value their privacy, as well as the intimacy and convenience of staying in a private, well-accommodated vacation rental. We can encourage this trend to continue by offering more robust amenities at private vacation rentals and campgrounds and using property management companies to help streamline the guest experience.

The Experience is Contactless & Streamlined

One of the biggest factors guests have cited in deciding where to stay on their vacation is how streamlined and convenient the booking and check-in process is. Offering a contactless experience gives them peace of mind knowing that the hosts/owners are cognizant of the pandemic and have their health and safety in mind. Allowing guests to book online and check in via an app or website will also save you time and money in the long term. With more younger people booking vacation rentals and campsites than ever before, it is crucial to adapt to their needs. Research has shown that younger people greatly prefer not to have to use their phones to make or answer calls, so using an app or website to streamline the process will attract a younger demographic.

They Emphasize Affordability & Cost Savings Benefits

Another key factor in the success of Airbnbs and vacation home rentals is their affordability. You will notice that the marketing strategy they all have in common is emphasizing their cost-savings benefits. Because these rentals have lower operating costs and turnover, their savings can be passed along to the guests via better amenities and hospitality offerings like welcome baskets. Guests are much more likely to book again, tell their friends and family, and give favorable reviews if they feel like they have gotten service that is above and beyond what would be offered at a large hotel brand.

They Advertise Environmental Sustainability

One of the key principles of the “van life” and tiny house movement is a commitment to environmental sustainability. Those who follow these principles focus on the philosophy of being sustainable and tend to support businesses that are also dedicated to being sustainable. Tiny homes can be built using less material, more recycled materials, and be more energy efficient. It is easier to use renewable materials in their construction, and integrate features like solar panels, composting, and recycling. Now that climate change is at the forefront of the news and guests’ minds, advertising an environmentally sustainable vacation rental will attract a wider demographic of guests than ever before. Campsites can also be easily modified to be “green” and more eco-conscious, by encouraging guests to reduce waste and recycle on their site.

They Use a Channel Manager or Property Manager

Reliability, efficiency, and comfort are of high importance for the modern traveler. For a small monthly fee, a property owner can hire a Channel and Property Manager to cater to guests by listing the property on more established sites. The guests are more likely to pay more for a tiny house rental, RV rental, or glamping experience. Smaller sites also have less competition and more loyal customers. In addition to a Channel Manager, a Property Manager can ensure that the guest experience is streamlined, and daily operations are consistent across all properties. By using a Property Manager or Property Management System, you will see lower vacancy rates, a wider demographic of guests, and the ability to experiment with different marketing and advertising strategies.

They are Able to Take Advantage of More Affordable Technology Integrations

Younger guests or those who have been on the road for long periods appreciate the ability to use technology easily during their stay. Smaller vacation rentals are more affordable to integrate smart technology and require fewer devices. This makes technology more reliable and powerful. Just one smart thermostat can service an entire rental, and a central modem or router can provide Wi-Fi for an entire group of campers/tiny homes. You can reach even more visitors by offering a centralized clubhouse with a computer hub to those who just want to stop and use amenities before getting back on the road.

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