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HOT Trends-School In The Great Outdoors

October 9, 2021
A silhouette of a child reading a book while sitting against a tree trunk.

A few years ago, our AOS parks were starting to see a growing trend, homeschool families staying in our parks over the winter-especially in traditional snowbird states.

One of our Florida parks even went as far as to setup the community room as a mock school house during the day. The families enjoyed the added space where they could educate their children while on the road.

This is also one of the reasons we encouraged "Snowbird" resorts not to label themselves as, "55+," since the trend was growing as far back as five years ago.

Now one of the latest industry publications, RVIA, has confirmed traditional education is dying.

Here are the stats....

This is not only a stunning socioeconomic trend, this is a stunning statistic for outdoor hospitality.

What does this mean to you and your resort? The implications are numerous and varied:

  • Spaces for schooling should be considered at all newly built resorts
  • Blazing fast WiFi is a must
  • Child friendly spaces should be added to all designs
  • Partnering with Homeschoolers by providing group activities and educational programs should be added

This trend will not go away. Families are fleeing traditional education for many reasons, and have been for decades. However, they are now fleeing traditional education and hitting the road. THIS will have positive ramifications for YOUR resort if you plan ahead now!