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High Fives All Around

February 16, 2021

The famous Will Rogers is know for the saying, "It ain't bragging if its true."

In light of this, I guess you will forgive us if we celebrate the fact that an AOS park just landed in USA Today's as one of the "Ten Most Popular Camping Resorts in America." In fact, it came in number two overall in the US.

However, don't take our word for it.

2. Castaways RV Resort & Campground (Berlin, Maryland)
Also located in Berlin and minutes from Assateague Island's wild horses, this Ocean City-area campground has venues including Jackspot Tiki Bar and the dog-friendly Bark Beach, as well as paddle boarding sites and a camp store. It has 5,957 advance reservations for 2021. 

This popular resort was designed and managed by none other than the team of Ron Beard (AOS Land Planner) and Kathleen Walsh (Operations). In fact, "Bark Beach" was dedicated to Kathleen's lovable lab, "Abigail."

This stunning resort has everything one would need to make a camping vacation a true Five Star Experience.

We love working our magic for our guests and adding amenities that turn a camping trip into a memorable vacation.

This park was purchased from the original developers by a national REIT and they are now reaping the rewards of our amazing land plan and amenities.

Let us replicate this success for you at your park and allow us to turn your "Dreams into Destinations."