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High Fives All Around

September 17, 2021
A person high-fiving a dog in front of a wall and houseplant.

We would like to be one of the first to say, "Congratulations," to our clients the Knapp family on the news their AOS/OHG designed park, "Cabana Club," has been acquired by Margaritaville Resorts.

We first met this wonderful family at FARVC and we quickly went from consultants to friends. Designing their former blueberry farm into a stunning five star resort was a labor of love.

We worked together for two years drawing and reworking the plan, the market, the rates, the technology and finally opening the doors.

AOS could not have asked for a better group of siblings. It is bittersweet to see it sold, but we are thrilled for the family.

We know Margaritaville will be a stellar addition to Central Florida and guests will continue to enjoy the luxurious amenities at this fine park.

Congratulations to all!