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Have Yourself A Blessed Christmas

December 23, 2020

This year has been one of amazing growth! We have faced many highs and lows such as saying, "Hello," to new clients and team members and saying, "Goodbye" to some team members we have loved. Most of all, we are excited to Celebrate our Saviors birth!

Last week in church, our pastor asked us to ponder if Mary knew what she was getting into when she said, "Yes'" to the angels announcement of the virgin birth. Clearly, she had no idea that pain it would bring and the way it would impact every area of her life. That is what happens when you say, "Yes," to G-d-it changes everything.

Each day I strive to live by the words and teachings of scripture and to bring these teachings into the way I run AOS. Some people think this means being timid and a pushover. Rather, a careful reading of scripture points out that Christ teaches we are to right wrongs, hold people accountable for their actions, be merciful to those who need mercy, and walk in a way that we are "Above Reproach." It means being good stewards of what has been entrusted to you, and to us, that means our clients assets.

To our clients, Merry Christmas and know we are excited to continue our journey into 2021.