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Go Away-Ye Who Wish To Spend Money With Me

August 26, 2020
A ceramic garden gnome holding a sign reading "Go away".

"What Not To Do Wednesday" is back with a vengeance. After traveling for the past month, I have a whole new arsenal of hospitality, "No No's."

Today, police state signage. Below is an actual sign at a "Welcome Center," check in station:

I am middle aged, married and and by no means a "Party Animal," but if I rolled up on this, I would be out. No talking after 11 PM?? I cannot sit by my fire and have a glass of wine and converse?? Really!!

The best part is the bottom line, "If this is not your style, please leave now and save us both the hassle." Just when I think I have seen it all, I see this.

I met the folks who run this park, they are nice people, but you would not know it from the sign. Instead of a welcoming entrance, this is what you are greeted with at the check in area.

Don't get me wrong, we have rules in all our parks, but we never lead with the negative. Instead, we have clear rules on our websites, make sure everyone agrees to them at booking or checkin, and then we address the very few incidents as needed.

Here is how AOS would have worded this sign:

"Welcome to our park! We are so glad you have chosen to stay with us." Then we would have had a separate rules sign stating:

"We know you are here on vacation and we want you to enjoy your stay, for everyone's safety and pleasure, please keep in mind:

Others are trying to sleep after 11 PM, so please use inside voices when outside on your site. Refrain from playing music or outdoor TV after 11.

Please keep your kids safe on site after dark for their protection.

The responsible use of alcohol is permitted at your site. Please keep all alcohol in cozies or plain cups and do not walk with open containers.

Respect your neighbors-they may not have the same agenda as your group, so please abide by all guidelines.

If we receive complaints, you may be asked to leave without a refund..and that would just be a bummer!

Let us know if you have questions and PLEASE enjoy your stay!

What a difference, and yet the same message. Remember, your guests keep you in business and many of them are on vacation. Running your park like a police state is not the way to create lasting memories for those who want to relax and enjoy their time at your park. Make sure you are not saying, "Go Away," before they every get in the door.