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Data Nerds Rejoice

September 25, 2021
A person writing something down on a pad of held sticky notes.

If you love data, you will LOVE our new dashboard reports.

We have been promising our clients these reports and we finally have them- released this week.

Now with the click of a button, clients can view their financial data every day of the month in real time.

Here are just a few of the graphs included in our dashboards. Parks identity are hidden and both are new to AOS in 2021:

We are thrilled to be the first to offer these deep data dives to our clients. One click on any graph leads to the details behind the data.

Next up, our new pacing reports built between our PMS systems and Zoho Analytics. These will contain detailed comparison data week over week and year over year. We are in the final BETA of the new pacing and all should be released by November 1.

Happy Data Parsing to all AOS clients!!