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Casting and Catching

March 25, 2020
The rear of a fishing boat with several fishing poles and lines cast while it is in motion.

When it comes to hobbies, there are few things I love more than fishing. NFL and College football probably top my list, but fishing is a close second.

We live in a fishing community, and we are often on the water. Out of my entire family, I catch the most fish. When someone asked my husband about my angling success, he said, "It's easy-she never takes her line out of the water." I have to admit, this is true.

I catch more fish because I am tenacious. While the others are eating, or drinking, or looking for shells-I am fishing. When we are headed in, I am fishing. When we are almost at our lift and in our own canal-I am fishing. When one lure does not work, I switch lures. When I find the magic one, I keep using it.

This principle also applies to the way we do business at AOS. We keep our line in the water, always looking at what works, what does not work, and what needs to be changed to exceed expectations. We never rest on yesterday's success, but always look for ways to improve upon revenue, followers, marketing trends, or guest services. We keep at in day in and day out in order to provide the best in class service to our parks.

These are not easy times. Working alone in the office is eerie and I miss my staff. However, now more than ever, they are committed to the process of making sure our parks are staying ahead of the curve, picking up bookings, and keeping our line in the water.