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Beware Of The Bots

July 28, 2023
A small blue toy robot with white accents.

We at Advanced Outdoor Solutions love using technology and innovation to streamline operations and save payroll dollars.

This being said, there are times when Bots should not be used. The following review (NOT an AOS park) was posted on Google:


Wow, very surprised at the lack of upkeep this year with the change of ownership. I would expect with the price increase we would see even better upkeep. Also, we didn't love how we now have to prepay. The grounds the past 2 years we so manicured and nice. Sad to see that so many kids don't clean up after themselves at the fishing docks as well. Sad to say that will be our last trip here

Response from the owner

Hey G!

Thank you so much for the awesome review. We hope to see you again in the future!

Clearly, this is a case where a bot answered the review, totally missing the mark. The guest just told you they would not return, and the Bot said, "Hope to see you again in the future." The lack of human interaction failed to provide a way for a team member to read this, reply, and reach out to the guest to remedy the problem.

When you choose to use AI Bots, remember, that there are both good and bad ways to use them.

Bots are cost-effective, available 24/7, and a good way to manage FAQs and off-hour questions.

However, Bots have limited understanding, lack empathy, and can make matters worse if not used properly.

Make sure if you use Bots, you use them in ways that supplement your operations, not replace the standards that constitute good old-fashioned hospitality.