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Most Recent Trends in Outdoor Activities for 2022

November 6, 2022
2022 Outdoor Activity Trends

Those who work in the outdoor recreation industry can keep an eye on the latest trends in outdoor activities for 2022 and consider whether to expand their amenities or services offered as the year closes out and we head into 2023. New participants in the outdoor activities and recreation fields are up 26% from 2021, and that trend is expected to continue to grow. By expanding outdoor activities offered to your guests, you can attract a new demographic of outdoor recreation enthusiasts to your hotel, campsite, or RV park.

Activities with the Highest Growth Rate

Skateboarding, hiking, kayaking, and surfing had the highest growth rates across outdoor activities categories. As participants in outdoor activities continue to become younger and more diverse, adventure activities will see a rise throughout the next 5-7 years. Thrill seekers and those who love to try new things will be looking for all-inclusive vacations and getaways that give them the opportunity to “rough it” in nature while also having access to exclusive adventures. You can tap into this new market by offering unique, one-of-a-kind adventure packages to guests, like challenging hikes, paragliding or hang gliding, water sports, and more. 

How Inclusivity and Diversity Factor In

As the outdoor recreation industry and its participants become more diverse and experimental, it also has the opportunity to become more inclusive. People are becoming more aware of which lodging options offer accessible and inclusive packages to guests. Industry members who don’t cater to all demographics are sticking out and gaining notice. Rather than just being about meeting or exceeding the next outdoor challenge, the lifestyle has shifted to become more about the merging of adventure and idealism. Particularly among the younger demographic—it’s important to them to see that outdoor activities are accessible to all who want to participate. 

Those within the industry who are aware of these trends have begun shifting their marketing to skew to a younger demographic and forming partnerships with urban and outdoor living influencers like skateboarders, street artists, musicians, van lifers, and more. 

How COVID-19 Affected These Activities

During the uncertainty and panic of early pandemic life, many outdoor enthusiasts found comfort in the routine. It was still safe to participate in outdoor activities that allowed for social distancing, and for those who longed to get out of the house and seek adventure, accounts of hiking, camping, and traveling via van or RV provided inspiration and guidance. The boom in outdoor industry participation over the last two years is expected to continue through the third year of the pandemic, and even further, as people have realized that it is easier and less expensive to take part in these outdoor adventures. 

Another key influence in this growth trend is a growing understanding of the importance of outdoor activity and nature for the human body and mind. After prolonged periods of sedentary lifestyles working from home and complying with indoor restrictions and social distancing, people will continue to seek uncomplicated, safe, and varied departures from their working lives. People have also realized that their thrill for something new, different, and adventurous can be cheaply and easily realized through safe, quick, and inexpensive outdoor excursions like hiking, camping, and boating. 

This also means that the outdoor industry has further expanded into urban areas, and even people who are now working from home permanently will influence these trends throughout the country in the short and long term. 

Outdoor Activities That May be Revived Going Into 2023

As 2023 approaches, many of the same outdoor activities will still be a growing trend, while others previously dormant may be revived. Many people have seen marked growth in group outdoor fitness activities, like pop-up yoga sessions in the park, spin class in nature, group fitness sessions in the woods, and urban street workouts. More and more people are also choosing to walk, cycle, or even jog to their offices so that they have a little extra time to themselves before the workday starts. 

There is an expectation that running—trail running, in particular—will see a resurgence in participation going into 2023, as it’s considered an inexpensive and uncomplicated gateway into physical fitness and outdoor activity. 

How Being Sustainable Can Help Your Business 

As the outdoor industry grows and expands into a new, younger demographic, sustainability is becoming increasingly important to participants. Outdoor industry members who are able to adopt eco-friendly, green practices throughout their business may begin to see an increase in business and a rise in customer loyalty. Outdoor industry manufacturers like Patagonia, On, and Jack Wolfskin have made a concerted, vocal effort to use sustainable manufacturing practices and recycled materials, proving that sustainability doesn’t have to lower performance, appeal, or aesthetics. 

Many major brands and other key players in the outdoor industry have become increasingly more vocal on committing to serious sustainability goals over the next ten years. These initiatves include lowering CO2 emissions, using more recycled materials, reducing their reliance on the logging industry, increasing the efficiency and eco-friendliness of their transportation and delivery processes, and avoiding the use of harmful chemicals in their production lines. 

Those in the industry with camping/glamping properties, RV resorts, hotels, etc... can adopt these commitments to becoming more eco-friendly and sustainable throughout the next five to ten years. 

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